The Oceaanixx team

Join our international team of experts

In today’s fast moving and vibrant global economy, Oceaanixx is handling the most complicated projects and routes to offer the best set of alternatives for the customers. We perform and deliver customized solutions and ensure our clients to succeed. Our talent management system’s tasks are hiring and then retaining the best people. We attract devoted logistics professionals to deliver best service.

By joining Oceaanixx, you enter an international group of true logistics professionals, sharing the same values: a passion for sustainability, excellence at work and challenging projects.

Career at Oceaanixx: strong individuals + team drive + shared values

At Oceaanixx our people are the foundation of our business and our achievements. We believe in fostering talent by giving early opportunities for real responsibility. Moreover, the unique requirements and challenges allow space for individual initiative and creativity. This autonomy is balanced with clear accountability and the shared values and commitments that guide our Group.

Supply chain of tomorrow

At Oceaanixx we are transforming the supply-chains worldwide, assisting our customers in their own transformation and providing new ways and opportunities for their business aims.

Our values and commitments extend beyond our immediate business. When you join Oceaanix, you join our ethics and our compliance policy. You will actively participate in the environmental, social, and societal challenges of today. These values are deeply ingrained in our core identity and is embraced by every member of our team.